Michigan Motorcycle Mecca 2019
Dates and Times
Saturday Sunday
April 6, 2019 April 7, 2019
10 am - 9 pm 10 am - 5 pm
Macomb Community College's
Sports & Expo Center
(South Campus, Martin and Hayes)
14500 East 12 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48088
MCC Sports & Expo Center
Adults Age 1-Day 2-Day
Advance 13+ $12 $17
Box Office 13+ $14 $19
Children Age 1-Day 2-Day
Advance 4-12 $8 $13
Box Office 4-12 $10 $15
Advance 0-3 FREE FREE
Box Office 0-3 FREE FREE
Parking Age 1-Day 2-Day
Free Gift from MMM


MMM Custom Bike Show offers a unique,
innovative and proven platform for Sponsors to introduce, demonstrate and sell products and services to thousands of money-spending motorcycle shoppers. Additionally, Michigan has almost 500,000 licensed motorcyclists, with above average discretionary income. That's why Michigan motorcyclists are a great demographic to target your brand. To exploit this guaranteed money-maker, submit a Sponsor Agreement.

The Sponsorships Table below details the various sponsorship opportunities available to support MMM Custom Bike Show. Specifically, sponsorship categories, recognitions, booth sizes and associated costs. In exchange for their participation and financial support, Sponsors of each category receive an impressive array of high-value benefits whose total market value is greater than the cost of the sponsorship. To review the valuable benefits that are included with each sponsorship category visit Sponsor Benefits.

# Categories Recognitions Booths Costs
1. Presenting Title Sponsor of the show. "Sponsor's Michigan Motorcycle Mecca Custom Bike Show 2019". Universally exclusive. 40' x 20' $60,000
2. Supporting Influential and second-highest profile Sponsor of the show. Category exclusive. 30' x 20' $50,000
3. Contributing Important and third-highest profile Sponsor of the show. Category exclusive. 30' x 20' $40,000
4. Bike Show Sponsor of the innovative and awe-inspiring Custom Bike Show. Category exclusive. 20' x 20' $30,000
5. Beauty Contest Sponsor of the attention-getting Miss MMM Beauty Contest. Category exclusive. 20' x 20' $30,000
6. Main Stage Sponsor of the prominent exhibit hall Main Stage. Category exclusive. 20' x 20'


7. Fashion Show Sponsor of the trend-setting Motorcycle Fashion Show. Category exclusive. 20' x 10' $15,000
8. Stunt Team Sponsor of the death-defying Motorcycle Stunt Team. Category exclusive. 20' x 10' $15,000
9. Seminar Sponsor of the informative and interactive Motorcycle Seminars. Category exclusive. 20' x 10' $15,000
10. Reception Sponsor of the Welcoming Reception for show participants. Category exclusive. 10' x 10' $10,000

Sponsor Booths
Sponsor booth sizes of each sponsorship category are featured in the above Sponsorships table. Sponsors also have the option to upgrade their booth with rental tables, chairs, lighting and carpeting. Sponsors who decide not to rent booth upgrades will receive the following standard amenities:

  • High-profile location that maximizes guest traffic and participation
  • 8' high pipe and drape along the back of the booth
  • 3' high pipe and drape along the sides of the booth
  • 7" x 44" personalized Sponsor booth sign
  • One free 8' folding table and two folding chair rentals. Additional tables
    and chairs may be rented for an affordable price.
  • One free standard 110/120 volt electrical outlet. Additional and higher power electrical outlets may be rented for an affordable price.
  • Free Wi-Fi (internet connection) throughout the exhibit hall
  • Free tickets to the Welcoming Reception for show participants, featuring delicious sandwiches, snacks and soft drinks
  • Free, abundant, lighted and reserved motorcycle parking ($5 value)
  • Free, abundant and lighted vehicle parking ($5 value)

Please visit the Floor Plan to determine which Sponsor booths are available when purchasing your sponsorship. IMPORTANT: Sponsor booths shaded RED are sold and are not available.

  • Michigan has almost 500,000 licensed motorcyclists
  • Motorcyclists possess higher discretionary income
  • There is a sponsorship category to match your budget
  • A simple cost-benefit analysis justifies participation
  • High-profile recognition at MMM Custom Bike Show
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Customer lead-generation
  • Valuable one-to-one selling opportunity
  • Increased store traffic, sales and profits
  • Sponsors help support MMM Charities